Private Lessons

A short story about how teaching became one of my loving job. When as a student I used to practice and learn, I was always observant for the mistakes and the improvement required for myself. My Guru Pt. Kishore Korde has taught me lot of things for being a good and sensible musician. He gave me this confidence of being a musician and had trust in me, held my hand to this path and opened doors for exploration. I used to observe my guru in terms of the teaching style and the approach towards teaching every individual. I applied those techniques and mine in a combined way to teach.

Teaching / Subjects:

Indian Rhythm / Music Reading and Syllables Flamenco Rhythm and improvisation techniques African Polyrhythm Audio production techniques Instruments Tabla Cajon Djembe Darbuka Percussion

Location / Schedule:

I live in Valencia, Spain which is on Central European Time. I am available to teach private lessons online with students anywhere in the world between 10am-8pm CET.